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Frequently Asked Questions

Since our work is truly custom, we like to visit with you to evaluate your space and discuss your ideas free of charge. And rest assured the quote we give, is the quote you pay. Only special additions made by you during the process will affect the cost. You can also send us photos of your space via email and we can provide a rough estimate.

  • What is soy wax? Soy wax is the by-product of soybeans.

  • How do I know if the candle I burn is soy? First, look on the label... if it doesn't say "Soy Wax", it's probably made from paraffin. Second, the waxes look different. Paraffin is a more transparent wax, and usually has dark discolorations. Soy wax is more opaque and may have white discolorations.

  • What should I know about your candles? We use the maximum fragrance load that soy wax can hold. Our fragrances have been specially formulated for use in soy wax. We also utilize soy coated cotton wicks in our candles. We recommended you burn the candle for at least 4 hours at a time for even burning.

A New Generation Of Candles.....

What Our Candles Offer

  • Burning up to 30% longerscented candles
  • Clean burning
  • Natural Soy coated cotton wicks
  • Long lasting fragrances and colors
  • Environmentally safe candles limits the emission of harmful soot and fumes
  • Unscented and color free candles also available
  • Made from renewable resources grown by American farmers
  • Hand poured with American grown soybeans

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