Long Creek Candle Company, LLC
4701 Q Ave Morning Sun, Iowa 52640
(319) 527-5222

About Long Creek Candle Company

It is the belief of Long Creek Candle Company that everyone deserves to have treasures in their home that evoke a feeling of calmness and nostalgia. And intriguing scents are one of the most notable ways to achieve that harmonious affect. Particularly, the types of scents we develop. We work closely to create the perfect blends of fragrances to provide candles and melts that will take you to another world. Love the fall seasons? Our varieties like Autumn Harvest and Pumpkin Spice will bring the joys of fall into your home even during the summer months. But what really sets our unique product apart is how their made. All candles are manufactured with natural soybeans right here by our own local Iowa farmers. Our candles are also clean-burning meaning that do not create a film on your jar, walls or ceilings. Plus, they last far longer than your average store-bought candle.

When you choose our candles, you truly choose a carefully developed product made especially for you. We can even customize our labels with quotes, names and lettering of your choosing to give you that extra personal touch. Convinced yet? We sure hope so because we can guarantee that when you relax in your home with one of our scented candles you'll soon be ready to add more to your collection!

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